M1A1 classic air rifle replica
Umarex Legends – Thompson M1A1
Umarex Legends – Thompson M1A1
Umarex Legends – Thompson M1A1
Umarex Legends – Thompson M1A1

Umarex Legends – Thompson M1A1


The Legends M1A1 Submachine Gun by Umarex is a faithful all-metal replica of the iconic Thompson submachine gun,famous for its role in the 1920s to 1950s. Featuring realistic blowback action and a 30-round magazine, this air gun delivers a powerful and authentic shooting experience for both history buffs and air gun enthusiasts. A durable construction and attention to historical detail make the Legends M1A1 a perfect addition to any collection.

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Umarex Legends – Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun Replica

Relive the legendary era of the 1920s to 1950s with the Umarex Legends Thompson M1A1 (“Tommy Gun”) Submachine Gun by Umarex, an iconic air gun that captures the essence of the notorious Thompson submachine gun. Whether you’re a history buff, a movie enthusiast, or a dedicated air gun shooter, this all-metal design with powerful blowback action is a perfect addition to your collection.


  • Authentic Design: Faithful replica of the iconic Thompson M1A1, known for its role in Prohibition-era Chicago and World War II.
  • Construction: Durable all-metal body with realistic plastic wood-effect stock and grips, weighing a substantial 3.4 kg.
  • Power: Dual 12 g CO₂ capsules provide consistent power, achieving a velocity of 135 m/s (443 fps).
  • Magazine Capacity: Holds 30 rounds of 4.5 mm (.177) BBs with a total shot capacity of 150 rounds.
  • Trigger and Safety: Single action trigger with a safety lever for secure handling.
  • Size: Measures 805 mm in length, making it a striking and authentic piece for display or use.


  • The Legends M1A1 offers a satisfying shooting experience with its realistic blowback action.
  • Designed for accuracy and reliability, it performs well with various types of BBs, including Umarex steel BBs, H&N Excite Smart Shot, and Dust Devil BBs.
  • Fixed iron sights and an 8lb trigger pull replicate the feel of the original firearm.

Historical Accuracy:

  • The M1A1 variant dates back to 1942, featuring a more manageable rate of fire and simplified sights compared to earlier models.
  • Attention to detail includes operational controls such as the mag release catch and safety lever, providing an authentic handling experience.

Why Choose the Legends Thompson M1A1?

  • Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate historical firearms.
  • Excellent for target practice and recreational shooting with a piece of history in your hands.
  • Designed by Umarex, a leader in replica air guns known for their quality and attention to detail.


YouTube Video – Umarex Legendary Thompson M1A1


About Umarex

Umarex is a renowned manufacturer of air guns and replicas, committed to delivering high-quality products that combine innovation, precision, and authenticity. With a wide range of models inspired by historical and modern firearms, Umarex continues to be a trusted name among shooting enthusiasts worldwide.

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