Stinger 4.5mm/.177 Venus Carbine Rifle (Co2 Powered)


Stinger 4.5mm/.177 Venus Carbine Rifle (Co2 Powered)

The Stinger 4.5mm/.177 Venus Carbine Rifle stands as a pinnacle of precision, power, and versatility in the realm of air rifles. Its CO2-powered system, coupled with meticulous engineering, sets it apart in terms of accuracy and performance. Whether for target shooting or small game hunting, this rifle exemplifies the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Powered by CO2.
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Insurance: Manual
  • Power- 12J
  • 11mm rail (dovetail) on carbine barrel
  • Total length: 98 cm.
  • Integrated sound moderator.

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Stinger 4.5mm/.177 Venus Carbine Rifle (Co2 Powered)

Unveiling Precision

Crafted with precision and powered by CO2, this rifle represents a convergence of power, accuracy, and sleek design.

Precision Engineering

The Stinger Venus Carbine Rifle is a testament to precision engineering. Its sleek, ergonomic design not only makes it visually appealing but also enhances the handling experience for the shooter. The careful balance of weight and design enables a comfortable yet steady grip, ensuring optimal control during use.

CO2 Power: Unveiling Efficiency

The CO2 power system integrated into the Venus Carbine Rifle ensures consistent and efficient performance. The CO2 cartridges not only provide a reliable power source but also contribute to the rifle’s ease of use. This system grants a consistent velocity, allowing for accurate shooting while maintaining reliability throughout.

Precision in Action

One of the primary factors that set the Stinger Venus Carbine Rifle apart is its precision in action. The rifled steel barrel contributes to enhanced accuracy, making it ideal for target shooting and even certain types of small game hunting. The consistent velocity and precise construction ensure a remarkable shooting experience.

Design Elegance

The aesthetics of the Stinger Venus Carbine Rifle are a fusion of modernity and functionality. Its sleek design isn’t merely about looks; it serves a purpose. The ergonomic stock enhances comfort during extended shooting sessions, while the overall design maximizes efficiency and accuracy.

Versatility and Adaptability

This rifle isn’t limited to a singular purpose. Its versatility allows for various shooting experiences. Whether it’s target shooting, plinking, or small game hunting, the Stinger Venus Carbine Rifle adapts effortlessly. This adaptability is a mark of its exceptional design and construction.

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