Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 (Polymer Body and Metal Slide – Black)
Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 (Polymer Body and Metal Slide – Black)
Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 (Polymer Body and Metal Slide – Black)
Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 (Polymer Body and Metal Slide – Black)
Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 (Polymer Body and Metal Slide – Black)

Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 (Polymer Body and Metal Slide – Black)


The Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 is a cutting-edge airsoft gun that combines precision, power, and aesthetics for both enthusiasts and professional shooters. With a durable Polymer Body and a striking Metal Slide in Black, this firearm offers unparalleled accuracy through its meticulously designed barrel. Its ergonomic features, including a comfortable grip and efficient reloading mechanism, enhance the overall shooting experience. The fusion of a lightweight yet resilient Polymer Body with a sleek Metal Slide ensures durability without compromising on style.

Key Features:

  • Blowback
  • Picatinny rail under the barrel allowing for additional attachments
  • Fitted laser sights
  • Metal slide & Polymer Body
  • Ergonomic grip

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Cutting-Edge Barrel Design

The heart of the Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 lies in its barrel precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the barrel ensures consistent accuracy with every shot. The 4.5mm/.177 caliber adds to its versatility, making it ideal. The Barrel also features the ‘Borner’ logo, giving it that sleek look.

Power-packed Performance

Beyond its visual appeal, this firearm boasts an impressive power output. The combination of a precisely engineered barrel and optimized firing mechanism ensures that each shot delivers a potent punch. Whether you’re honing your skills on the range or engaging in competitive scenarios, the Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 sets a new standard for power-packed performance.

Comfortable Grip

A crucial aspect of any firearm is its ergonomics, and the Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 excels in this department. The carefully designed grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold, allowing shooters to maintain control during extended sessions. This attention to detail enhances the overall shooting experience, making it a top choice for enthusiasts.

Quick and Precise Reloads

In the heat of action, quick reloads can make all the difference. The Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 features a seamlessly integrated reloading mechanism, allowing for swift and precise reloads. This feature proves invaluable in scenarios where split-second decisions and actions are critical.

Lightweight Durability

The fusion of a robust Polymer Body with a resilient Metal Slide strikes a perfect balance between durability and weight. The Polymer Body ensures the firearm’s longevity, withstanding the rigors of regular use, while the Metal Slide adds a touch of sophistication and reinforces structural integrity.

Sleek Aesthetics in Black

The Black finish of the Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 elevates its visual appeal to new heights. Beyond its functionality, this firearm stands out as a style statement, combining sleek design with the commanding presence of the Black color. Whether in the hands of a seasoned shooter or on display in a collection, the Borner 4.5mm/.177 W3000 commands attention.

C02 Care and Maintenance

  • Always make sure that your firearm is stored without a CO2 capsule installed, as this can compress the internal seals, leading to rapid leaks.
  • Due to the volatile nature of CO2 gas, it is common for the firearm to experience leaks when there are changes in temperature conditions.
  • Considering the significant impact of temperature changes on CO2, it is advisable not to store your firearm in hot areas or use it in cold environments. This practice will contribute to a longer lifespan and improved performance of your pistol.
  • Just before storing the pistol, or after every 5 Co2 capsules, we recommend applying a drop of silicon oil to the top of the CO2 capsule before inserting it, this lubricates and protects the piercing nozzle and prevents corrosion.
  • It is crucial to use CO2 with lubricants, and we specifically recommend the use of UMAREX branded CO2 for optimal performance and longevity.

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