Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)
Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)
Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)
Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)
Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)
Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)
Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)
Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)

Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)


Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun (4.5mm/.177)

The Stinger Baco is  a multi shot bolt action PCP air rifle. The rifle is chambered in .177 and has a magazine capacity of 13. The rifle comes with a pressure gauge and full wooden walnut stock. The rifle has an air capacity 350cc and a rubberised padded end on the stock. Scopes and suppressors can be fitted.

  • PCP Mechanism
  • Air Capacity: 350Cc
  • Pressure: 25 MPA
  • Trigger: Estandard
  • Lock: Manual

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Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun Precision Engineering

The Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun boasts cutting-edge engineering that ensures exceptional precision in every shot. Its robust build and meticulously calibrated design elevate shooting accuracy to unprecedented levels. Each component is crafted with a focus on precision, ensuring consistency and reliability in performance.

Powerful Performance

PCP, or Pre-Charged Pneumatic air guns, function uniquely by utilizing pre-compressed air for propulsion. Unlike spring-powered or CO2 air guns, PCP guns offer consistent power and accuracy/ The PCP system maximizes the potential of each shot, ensuring reliable force and velocity while maintaining accuracy across various shooting conditions. The PCP technology ensures consistent power and velocity, shot after shot.

Innovative Design

Beyond its functionality, the Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun exhibits a sleek and ergonomic design. Its aesthetics complement the high-performance capabilities, offering shooters a comfortable and stylish experience. The design elements not only enhance the overall look but also optimize handling for improved user experience.

Customization Possibilities

One of the remarkable aspects of the Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun is its adaptability. With options for customization and add-ons, enthusiasts can fine-tune the gun to suit their specific preferences, further elevating their shooting experience.


Beyond target shooting, the Stinger PCP Baco Air Gun is versatile, catering to various applications such as pest control, small game hunting, and plinking. Its adaptability makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of shooting activities.



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