Stinger Co2 Diana Air Gun (4.5mm/.177 – Pellets)


Stinger Co2 Diana Air Gun (4.5mm/.177 – Pellets)

The Stinger CO2 Diana Air Gun in 4.5mm/.177 Pellets is a pinnacle of precision, power, and versatility. Its exceptional design and performance make it an optimal choice for shooters across various skill levels and shooting disciplines, ensuring a fulfilling and accurate shooting experience.

Key Features:

  • C02 mechanism
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Manual Lock
  • Power: 12J
  • Magazine: 9 rds (4.5) / 7 rds (5,5)
  • Gauge: 4.5 and 5.5

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Design and Features

Crafted with precision, the Stinger 4.5mm/.177 Co2 Pistol boasts ergonomic design and robust build quality. Its advanced sighting options provide shooters with a superior aiming experience, adding to its appeal.

Precision Engineering and Design

The engineering behind the Stinger CO2 Diana Air Gun is a marvel in itself. Every aspect of its design is carefully crafted to ensure optimal performance. The 4.5mm/.177 caliber pellets are propelled with exceptional accuracy, facilitated by the precision-engineered barrel and superior construction materials.

Performance and Accuracy

The pistol’s exceptional range and power make it an excellent choice for both recreational shooting and professional training. Its ability to maintain target precision and consistency elevates the shooting experience. Fueled by CO2, it offers consistent power and velocity, making it a versatile choice for various shooting applications.

Versatility in Usage

Beyond recreational shooting, this pistol serves as a valuable tool for skill development and training. Its versatility makes it a preferred choice among beginners and seasoned marksmen.

Maintenance and Longevity

To ensure optimal performance, regular cleaning and maintenance are advised. The pistol’s durability and lifespan are remarkable, contributing to its reliability.

Ergonomics and Handling

The ergonomic design of the Stinger CO2 Diana Air Gun guarantees a comfortable and stable grip. This design feature is essential for maintaining control and precision, especially during prolonged shooting sessions.  It also reduces fatigue, allowing for extended shooting periods without compromising accuracy.

CO2-Powered Performance

Fueled by CO2, this air gun delivers consistent power and velocity, making it an ideal choice for various shooting applications. The combination of CO2 power and the 4.5mm/.177 caliber results in remarkable accuracy, ensuring a satisfying shooting experience for both beginners and experienced shooters.


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