Borner Makarov PM-X Non-Blowback Co2 Air Pistol (Full Polymer – 4.5mm/.177)


The Borner Makarov is a small compact non blowback action power house. With its 2 stage trigger and double hammer action the Makarov stands alone when it comes to individuality. The magazine release is located at the back rear of the pistol and a single pull of each trigger will fire the weapon. With a full polymer construction, this air pistol combines lightweight maneuverability with robust durability. Powered by an efficient Co2 mechanism, the PM-X maximizes cartridge usage for an economical and enduring shooting experience. Its ergonomic design, featuring a custom grip, prioritizes user comfort and stability during extended use

Key Features:

  • The pistol has a manual safety.
  • 2 stage trigger. 
  • Single action hammer.
  • Metal internals, barrels and receiver. 
  • Non-Blowback

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Full Polymer Construction

The Borner Makarov PM-X boasts a full polymer construction. The lightweight yet robust polymer frame ensures ease of handling without compromising on durability. This is a game-changer for users who value a comfortable shooting experience without sacrificing resilience.

4.5mm/.177 Caliber Precision

Precision is at the core of the Borner Makarov PM-X experience. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a novice honing your skills, the PM-X’s caliber precision guarantees consistent and reliable performance.

Efficient Co2 Mechanism

The Co2 power system in the Borner Makarov PM-X is a testament to engineering brilliance. The non-blowback design optimizes Co2 usage, ensuring each cartridge delivers maximum shots. This efficiency not only enhances the overall shooting experience but also makes the pistol an economical choice for enthusiasts who demand longevity and cheap cost-effectiveness option.

Custom Grip for Optimal Comfort

The ergonomic design of the Borner Makarov PM-X extends to its custom grip, providing optimal comfort during extended shooting sessions. The grip’s texture and contours enhance stability, allowing users to maintain control and focus on precision, making it a standout choice.

Velocity and Range

When it comes to performance, the Makarov PM-X leaves a lasting impression. The pistol’s impressive velocity and range make it a versatile choice for various shooting scenarios.

Innovative Safety Mechanisms

Safety is paramount, and this pistol excels in this aspect. Equipped with innovative safety mechanisms, including a reliable trigger safety and an easily accessible manual safety, users can enjoy their shooting experience with peace of mind. These features make the PM-X suitable for users of all skill levels.

User-Friendly Assembly

For enthusiasts who appreciate simplicity and ease of use, the Borner Makarov PM-X shines. The user-friendly assembly and disassembly process make maintenance a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to air pistols, the PM-X ensures accessibility without compromising on performance.


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