Borner 4.5mm/.177 P38 Air Pistol (Metal – Black – C41)


Borner C41 is a replica of the legendary Walther P38 from the Second World War, its a pinnacle of precision shooting, combining craftsmanship, power, and design excellence. With a meticulously crafted metal body featuring a sleek black finish, it exudes durability and sophistication. The .177 caliber designed to shoot steel BB’s ensures precise and accurate shooting, makes it perfect for plinking. The C41 model’s design seamlessly blends ergonomics and functionality, providing a comfortable and controlled grip. Engineered for consistent velocity, the P38 delivers unmatched performance in target practice or competitive shooting. Safety is prioritized with integrated features, making it a reliable choice for shooters of all levels. Choose the Borner P38 to elevate your shooting experience, where precision meets perfection.

Key Features:

  • Weight – 0.9kg 
  • Length –  170 mm
  • Calibre – 4.5mm
  • Safety switch
  • Double action trigger 
  • 12g Co2

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Crafted Precision: Unraveling the Metal Marvel

Borner 4.5mm/.177 P38 Air Pistol boasts a construction that transcends the ordinary. The meticulously crafted metal body not only exudes durability but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the pistol. The sleek black finish, reminiscent of timeless sophistication, makes a bold statement.

Calibre .177 

At the heart of this air pistol lies the power-packed .177 caliber that signifies precision and accuracy. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a novice, the Borner P38 ensures a consistent and controlled shooting experience. The .177 caliber adds finesse to your shots, making every moment on the range a testament to excellence.

The Aesthetics of the C41 Model

The Borner P38 comes to life in the C41 model, where design meets functionality. The ergonomically designed grip ensures a comfortable and firm hold, allowing shooters to maintain control with ease. The C41 model is not just a tool; it’s an extension of your prowess, blending form and function seamlessly.

Powerful Precision

When it comes to performance, the Borner 4.5mm/.177 P38 Air Pistol stands head and shoulders above the rest. The innovative engineering behind this air pistol guarantees consistent velocity, ensuring that each shot hits its mark with unwavering accuracy. Whether you are engaged in target practice or competitive shooting, the P38 delivers a symphony of precision with every trigger pull.

Safety Redefined

Safety is paramount, and Borner understands the importance of integrating cutting-edge features into their air pistols. The P38 comes equipped with safety mechanisms that elevate your shooting experience without compromising on well-being. Each component is meticulously designed to provide a secure and reliable platform for shooters of all levels.


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